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The Revelation of Truth

We want to remind you of what you know to be True.

What you know in your heart of hearts to be the Truth of your existence.

The world around you is crumbling…

Not because it is being destroyed, but rather the opposite.

It is being Reborn.

Birthed into Right Alignment.

Into Balance and Harmony.

Do not allow the fear of that which is falling around you to pull you into hopelessness and despair.

For underneath the illusion of insanity,

Lies an unshakable Truth.

A Knowing that can never be unknown.

We invite you to stop now and close your eyes.

Connect with your Heart, to the center of your Being and Listen…

Be still and allow the Silence to Speak.

Hear the subtle whispers of your Soul’s embrace,

Calling you Home.

Do you hear it?

Can you feel the gentle, yet firm pull of your heart’s magnetic field?

It is pulling you forward…

Out of the grasp of Illusion.

Out of the prison your mind holds you inside.

Allow your heart to be the guide.

To gently direct your human Self through the chaos,

Through the fear,

Through the uncertainty.

Allow the inner callings of your Soul to become louder

Than the voice of doubt.

Trust that the Wisdom of Creation

Holds within it the key to your ultimate Freedom.

It is not hidden.

It is there, right in front of you.

Waiting to be held.

Waiting to be Chosen.

You believe that if you let go of control,

Everything you have created will fall apart.

Dissolve into nothing.

Yet the opposite is true!

It is in the letting go that it all Becomes.

One cannot force a tree to grow, or a rose to bloom.

Just as you cannot force yourself to Be something that you are not.

You simply are exactly what you are.

The time has come to let go of all that you are not.

To allow the unfolding of your inner Self to be revealed

And to trust that it will be done in perfect order.

In perfect Union.

You are welcome here and we love you.

For we are you,

And you are us.

We are ONE.

WE are LOVE.

~ ONE Source Consciousness, Channeled August 18, 2023

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