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Client Love


Michele tailored my counselling journey specifically for me.  We started with the difficult and ongoing, task of accepting what has happened and the validation of the many, often conflicting, emotions surrounding my marriage.

She gently guided and encouraged the long healing process and enthusiastically supports my attempts to achieve a full, healthy life devoid of fear.

I am forever amazed, and occasionally amused, at her ability to understand exactly what I’m saying and provide
inspirational insight.


Such an incredible experience with Michele and my SRT session!


 I had so many shifts in my body, as I have had multiple injuries over the years. I suffered from a concussion 3 yrs ago and it felt like I had cognitive clearing. It's been for sure over 5 years since I have slept through the night and actually feel rested waking up. I'm going on 5 days now after receiving a treatment with Michele, and I feel so so good!


Michele was so comforting as we dived deep moving out energies.

I had so much fun and peace as we navigated through this session, I highly recommend seeking this out wherever your healing stage!


I wanted to share a personal takeaway that has happened since today's Inner Child Clearing session. 


My ex's poor financial planning with his business threw me into bankruptcy in my late 30's.  Any time I've ever been asked to show papers of my discharge, I've always got so much anxiety that I can't even think straight!  Full panic attacks. So many times! 


My current spouse and I are in the process of buying a house. Offers have been made and accepted. Today,, the mortgage broker texted me asking for detailed statement of my affairs from 6 years ago.  I literally walked over to my file, grabbed the exact papers needed, scanned them and emailed them to her in under 15 minutes. 


I had no anxiety, no panic, no PTSD symptoms. It was truly amazing!!!   


I wanted to let you know that I feel pretty good since my SRT session.  I have been sleeping well most of the time. That's is a HUGE improvement!

I have also noticed that the situation with my partner is less tense, less explosive.


Since my first SRT session with Michele 2 months ago, my life has changed in unexpected and miraculous ways!

People, information, and opportunities have shown up to give me everything I’ve needed to gain clarity about the next chapter of my life.


My seven year relationship dissolved peacefully as we agreed to set each other free to pursue our independent dreams. My career path is clear for the first time in a decade and soon I’ll take possession of a new home which feels like a sanctuary. I am so grateful I honored my soul’s curiosity about this process. It was simple and incredibly effective.

We are living in a time where great change is possible and SRT sessions with Michele can effectively and efficiently clear any blocks and quickly put you on a path aligned with your highest good!


I felt amazing after my SRT session! I feel lighter and happier. 

I'd have to say my greatest addiction is junk food and I'm a very emotional eater, which I've been struggling with for months. But after my session, I found myself in the grocery store buying only veggies, nuts & wild rice! Not because I had to, but because I actually wanted to! 


Words cannot describe how amazing this experience was for me!


I feel so much lighter after my session with Michele!

When I walked into work the next morning, there was this heavy negative energy. Usually it immediately brings me down. But this time, I greeted it with a smile and some positivity, and my boss said, "you are different." 

For real... I feel almost free! I can't explain it! 


Michele makes a huge difference in people's lives!


When I first got out of an abusive relationship with my infant son, Michele was the only person who believed me and took the time to help me and to show me I wasn't alone.

 Michele helped me to recognize the relationship I was in, how have boundaries and feel okay saying no.


It was hard, but she was literally the person that changed my life!

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