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Do Not Allow Fear to be Your Guide

Do not allow fear to be your guide.

It will lead you astray.

Instead, we encourage you to find Stillness.

Delve into the stillness of your heart

And listen.

It is within this still point, the truth will be found.



This busy world, full of chaos and turmoil

Serves as a distraction from the truth.

For as long as you are distracted,

Held in fear and uncertainty,

As long as you are unable to be Still,

The door will remain shut.

Closed to your awareness.

The task then, is to find the calm amidst the storm.

Find the stillness within the chaos.

Use your breath to anchor you into the solid foundation.

Of your Soul’s remembrance.

Feel your roots digging deep into the strong, solidness of Mother Earth,


She is here to hold you in her safe embrace.

Like a mother shielding her baby from the storm,

She will hold firmly to the Truth of her existence.

For she knows the Laws of Creation protect her,

Always. In all ways.

As do you, dear Child.

Do not lose Faith.

The illusion of separation is crumbling,

And with it, so too are the beliefs

That have held humanity in this cycle of destruction and pain.

Do not be afraid.

There is no death.

No ending.

It is merely a transformation from one form to another.

Within it all,

There is a constant flow,

And energy that connects us all.

We invite you, in the days and weeks that lay ahead,

To focus your mind and your energy on going Within.

Into your body.

Into your heart.

Into your mind.

Be-friend your Self.

Explore your Self.

Become at ONE with the Self.

Allow all distraction of the outside world to fall away,

Into the background.

Focus on connecting to the voice within.

The voice that guides you through the darkness.

The voice that whispers while you sleep.

She is calling you…

Wake up… wake up… wake up…

As you awaken from this dream,

You will begin to know the Truth.

To understand the purpose of the illusion.

And you will laugh at how afraid you once were…

For All is Well.

And All shall be Well.

You are ONE with the force of Creation.

There is nothing to fear.

~ ONE Source Consciousness, Channeled August 27, 2023

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