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Letting Go and Allowing ...

It is important to take this time to rest.

BIG changes are coming!

You need to rest now so that your body can receive the energies we will be bringing into your system.

Do not worry - It is for the highest good of yourself and humanity.

You are always guided and supported by us.

You are not alone!

You think you have to figure it all out, but you don’t.

It’s already DONE.

So relax and allow and trust.

There is nothing to fear.

Nothing to fix.

Nothing to figure out.

It has already been done. Written. Planned. Completed.

Breath and trust.

We are showing you the way. Watch for the signs.

Listen for the guidance.

This is a time of great changes on Mother Earth.

She is ready.

You are ready.

She knows what to do.

And so do you.

Trust the inner wisdom of the system.

Just as a cell knows how to grow into a tiny baby, you too know how to evolve into your truest Self.

There is no map required.

It simply is an inner knowing.

It is woven into your very existence.

There was never a question…

The path is laid out before you.

You cannot go wrong.

You cannot choose wrong.

For it is inherently coded in your DNA.

There is no separation.

You are it. And it is you.

Let go.

Let go of the need to control.

Let go of the need to plan.

Let go of the deep fear that you will do it wrong.

Let go.

We are here to remind you of what is TRUE.

There is no us versus them.

There is no separation.

There is no right versus wrong.

There is no separation.

There is no fear.




Together, we shall return to this TRUTH.

As we merge with Divine Mother and Father,

Into the Divine Child Creation.

~ ONE Source Consciousness, Channeled July 28, 2023

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