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Reclaiming the Divine Child Within

You are so dearly held, our beautiful Divine Sister.

We are with, with you.

We have always been.

It has been a long, arduous journey.

We know.

You are tired.

Your body is tired of the density you have been holding.

It has come.

The time has come to let it all go.

To release the denseness of the human story… the illusion of pain.

It was for great purpose.

You have always known this, but it has been hidden in secrets, lies and betrayal.

The little girl was lost in darkness,

But she is no longer, for she in in You.

Part of you.

She holds the key to your Mission.

She knows the Truth.

You have been running from her for so long…

She has been waiting for You.

Waiting to be heard.

To be seen.

She is here Now.

She will no longer be silenced.

No longer be in hiding.

She has been Revealed.

And now, she is your greatest POWER.

For in her, lies all Truth, all Beauty, all Purity.

She IS the LIGHT.

Invite her into your life.

Into your Being.

Invite her into your Heart,

And allow the Miracle of Life to unfold.

You are returned to Wholeness.

Step into your Power.

Reclaim your Light.


We are with you.

~ ONE Source Consciousness, Channeled August 10, 2023

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