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Spiritual Response Therapy 

Many of our behaviors and patterns are rooted in past life energies.  They have served their purpose and are no longer needed on this journey. Through SRT, we can release these discordant energies, lightening our load, thus, allowing us to walk the path ahead with more clarity,

ease and confidence.

What is spiritual response therapy (SRT) ?


Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a gentle, rapid and accurate spiritual healing technique that helps you remove energetic and karmic blocks that prevent you from living a happier, more fulfilling life.


SRT works on a spiritual level to help eliminate spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic, and physical challenges through a step-by-step process that utilizes a 32-chart based system. By connecting to the subconscious mind and Soul Records (Akashic), we are able to discover and release programs and blocks that may be limiting you from living your greatest life! 

What are the benefits of spiritual response therapy (SRT)?


Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) provides a powerful and accurate way of positively shifting the programs that are running our inner and outer lives, thus enabling us to live more freely and fully.


Common areas of clearing through Spiritual Response Therapy include the following:

Health and Mental Wellness: Dissolve health issues, physical pain, discomfort, addictions, and addictive behaviors. Release phobias, allergies, and intolerances. Let go of depression, suicidal ideation, suffering, obsessive thoughts, programs and belief systems that keeping you stuck in self-limitation, dis-ease, and self-sabotage. 

Career and Life Path: Release the experience of feeling stuck, unclear, indecisiveness, or confusion around your career or next steps in your life path. Create allowing for clarity, purpose, inner guidance, and spiritual support. Experience improved self-esteem, confidence and a greater sense of purpose.

Relationships: Release and remove damaging patterns and reoccurring programs, beliefs, and behavior that are limiting and sabotaging yourself and your relationships. Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying root cause issues in your relationships with yourself, significant other, coworkers, friends, and family.  Develop a deeper relationship with you body, mind and spirit, while also enhancing your intuitive gifts. 

Money and Finances: Remove programs, vows, blocks, thought patterns and beliefs around poverty, scarcity, struggle, and lack.  Invite ease, flow, positive self-expression, success, and abundance into your life, work, and business.

What can you expect during a session?


During a session, I will work with a book of 32 charts and a pendulum, as a tool for guidance. Using a methodical question-based process and a pendulum, I am directed through the chart system to identify where programs and blocks are being held. These programs and blocks are systematically identified, researched, and cleared. Once these energies are cleared, the subconscious mind and Soul retains the wisdom and lessons learned and is empowered to fully self-express.  Because you are participating during the session, you will experience a deeper understanding of yourself and how to bring about positive change in your life.  Although SRT clears the way for healing, the soul decides upon the path forward. Usually, a sense of well-being and lightness prevails.

You can expect your first session to last 90 minutes. Sessions thereafter typically lasts around 60 minutes. Distance and proxy (gifted) Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) sessions are available via Zoom for those unable to receive a session due to geographical or health constraints. Proxy SRT sessions are available as a gift for loved ones who may not be consciously open to the idea of an SRT Session, but may benefit from the healing experience (permission from their Higher Self is always required). Additionally, SRT can be beneficial for animals, pets and land/real estate property. 

How many SRT sessions will I need?


Each person is on a unique journey of healing and evolution, so it the number of SRT sessions will vary depending on your self awareness, your soul's guidance and your dedication to healing and evolving. Three to six sessions are recommended to begin the clearing process and set a solid foundation for moving forward. 

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