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Walking in darkness

Many of us in the spiritual community are familiar with the belief that if we are following our dharma, our purpose, the road ahead will be easy and free of obstacles.

I call “Bullshit!”

Where did we get this naïve idea?

Many of us have discovered our spiritual path, after emerging from the darkest of valleys.

Many of us have experienced deep trauma, personal tragedy and loss, and inner conflict.

We have found strength in believing that there is a power greater than us. A power that is one with us. Whether we call this power God, Universe, Spirit, The Divine, Allah… the name does not matter. The energy is the same.

We know that this great power has a divine plan for us - that we have come to this Earth with a purpose that is greater than ourselves. Somehow though, we have come to believe that if we discover this purpose, the rest is going to be easy. That challenges are behind us, and the road ahead will be one of ease and grace.

I used to believe that if I followed my heart, the road ahead would be clearly laid out before me. Like a map that has been predestined specifically for me, all I would need to do is trust and follow the pathway. And if I did this, it would be struggle free, pain free and filled with joy.

Ummm… not so much!!!

There is still struggle. There is still uncertainty and doubt. There are still obstacles. There is still darkness.

I am constantly being challenged to grow, to evolve, to heal, to push beyond all self-imposed boundaries.

If we grow, as conscious beings, through the many lessons that life throws at us, are we going to stop being challenged because we are now living a spiritual, purpose-filled life?

Or will we be challenged even more, because our growth is now that much more important to our Soul’s evolution?

I’ve come to realize that the path of healing and spiritual evolution is not for the faint of heart. Rather, it requires immense courage, determination, and trust.

It calls us forward to walk into the darkness of the valley, to face the shadows and seek the Truth about ourselves. About life. About existence.

This journey requires us to let go of certainty, and step into the unknown. It requires a deep trust in the unfolding of one’s evolution - in Spirt.

It is through this deep trust in Spirit, that we find the strength to let go of control and continue the uncertain journey ahead. For although the path may feel lonely and difficult at times, we know that we are supported, guided and fueled by an inner connection to ALL that is.

It is here, in the letting go of who we once were, that we may become who we are meant to be.

May the following prayer support you in your own journey:

Great Spirit,

Please grant me the strength to follow my heart…

The courage to walk the path my Soul guides me along.

Grant me the wisdom to know what turns to take…

And the trust to follow my own inner knowing.

Grant me the opportunity to meet those along the way,

Who will walk alongside me, in friendship and in love.

Grant me the faith to carry on, despite all fear,

To trust in the journey, knowing that all is well.

For this, your guidance and love, I am eternally grateful.

And so it is.

May your path be blessed by Light & love,


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