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The Body Holds the Key

As someone who experienced childhood s*xual abuse, the journey of healing my relationship with my body has been my deepest work.

My ability to connect safely and deeply with my body changes from day to day. Some days I feel very aligned, supported and held by Spirit. On these days, I am intentional about spending time in the bath, journaling, channeling, and doing my healing work.

Then there are days where I am a human mess. I feel anxious and uptight, caught up in the everyday aspects of being human. On these days, I try not to put pressure on myself to go deep or reflect. Instead, I try to observe myself and pay attention to how the outside world is impacting my internal world. Then, on the quiet, still days, I explore what I discovered.

It is a practice of meeting myself where I am at, in any given moment, without judgement or trying to change it. The more I have been practicing this, the more gentleness and safety I feel within. The more I learn to love and honour my body, the less I feel the desire to escape or numb out. The more I feel at home... 🦋

It is here, in the safe connection with my body, that I am able to discover the Truth and heal the shadows of my past. To reveal the subtle messages and energies that have been held for so long that are ready to be seen, acknowledged, and released. 🌹

Our body holds the key to our subconscious... To all that we are and have ever been. It is not separate from our soul, but rather, a physical expression of it's deepest desires. A dream become manifest. 💖

What is your relationship with your body? Do you love and trust it to take care of you? Do you judge and critique it? Do you detach and dissociate from it?

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