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Suicide, once a constant companion

Let's talk about suicide.

The word carries a deep heaviness, a fear.

It is a topic many avoid talking about,

Especially those who bear the weight of it's shame,

Especially for those who find peace in it's shadows.

The number of people on this planet who pray for death would shock you.

They are all around you

They are your coworkers,

Your bosses,

Your neighbors,

Your friends,

Your cousins,

Your parents,

Your children.

They are the homeless,

The addicted,

The billionaires,

And the famous.

No one is immune from pain,

And pain is why we pray for an escape.

For relief.

For peace.

The deep pain of life pushes one into hopelessness, shame, torment and suffering.

And it is here, consumed by what feels insurmountable, one looks to death as their only hope.

How do I know this?

Because I have walked beside suicide most of my life.

It has been my companion, my friend, my protector.

It has been there, when noone else was.

Suicide was there when I was molested by my father,

Suicide was there when my heart was broken by rejection,

Suicide was there when I lost my family,

Suicide was there when I was drowning in suffering. Lost, alone and in the dark.

Suicide was a constant invitation.

At 17 I accepted the invite...

But something inside me called out.