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Releasing the Pain Body

Our Dearest Love,

We know you are suffering.

We can feel the heavy denseness you carry in your heart, your chest.

Your body is full of sorrow and pain.

It is heavy. It is thick with the energy of suffering.

You are releasing it, but it is slow to let go because it is so familiar to you.

Part of you is holding onto it - to the density of it because it is all you have known.

Once you truly let go, you will enter into a new way of being…

One that is unfamiliar and perhaps, uncomfortable.

But we are here to remind you that it is necessary.

And it will be okay. Better than okay!

Your human self has spent a lifetime in victim energy.

She has identified with it for so long, she doesn’t quite know who she is without it.

It’s not her fault.

It was set up this way.

To keep her safe.


Like a shield, the victim energy has kept her in the dark.

Hidden from view.

Safe and small.

It is time now to release the shield and step into the Light.

To reclaim her voice. Her Power.

Her Brilliance.

It is time now to drop the victim and become the Warrior.

The Goddess.

The Priestess.

The Angel of Light.

No more shall this human aspect of Self be contained or kept hidden in the darkness.

She is ready to embrace the Light fully.

Do not allow old patterns of self sabotage to delay your Evolution!

Coffee and alcohol are no longer necessary, for they hold her in darkness.

We invite you now to choose a new path.

To become courageous and brave.

To trust that you have everything you need to step onto this new path.

You can let the victim energy, the suffering, the pain go…

In an instant.

In a snap of the fingers! It can be released.

There is no need for counselling or therapy or meditation, or anything outside of yourself.

It is as simple as deciding.

With all of your being.


We invite you now to make a choice to LIVE.

To stop hiding.

To stop running.

To stand and declare to God/Creator/Source that you are ONE with the Divine Source of Creation.

You are Whole.

And you are ready to Become.

We are here to remind you, dear Sister, that you have never been less than Whole.



You have merely been trapped in an illusion.

An illusion of separateness.



It is quite simple – you simply awaken to the Truth and the illusion falls away.

Like a fog.

It shall lift from your life and reveal with is True.

But you must choose this, without doubt or uncertainty.

You must Declare your Intention to see it for what it is.

You must hold true to your Self and not waiver.

For you are worthy of this Promise.

Life is worthy of this Promise.

We see you dear loved One.

We see you.

And we hold you in our Loving Embrace.

We bring you back into the Light of Love.

Remember Who You Are…

Choose Life.

For you are Needed Here.

Your Light is Needed.

Your Love is Needed.

Together we are ONE.

And together we shall BE.

~ ONE Source Consciousness, Channeled August 6, 2023

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