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Embracing the Black Sheep Within


Round and round,

The circle continues,

Cycling through destruction



Imprints on my soul,

Wounds through my heart.

Mother, father,

Son, daughter...

Over and over,

In and out,

Never ending,

Never ceasing.

It seeps into my fabric,

Into my existence.

Poisoning my mind,

Twisting my love.

The patterns go unwitnessed,

Melding together,

Melting into one another.

No longer distinct,

They become one,



Without form or shape,

Without substance ,

Lost in each other,

Forgotten in chaos.

Sweet surrender!

Save me from this torture!

Lift me from the quicksand,

From this curse...

Help me to escape,

To step off the merry-go-round

To fly!

To be free!

Help me end this cycle!

For me,

For my sons,

For their sons,

For my lineage.

I am ready!

Many of us feel as though we don't belong,

As though we are outcasts,

Black sheep of our family.

We see things differently.

We feel things differently.

We know things differently.

Society tells us there is something wrong with us,

That we must change, shift, confirm, fit in.

We are forced into tiny little boxes

Sacrificing our hearts

Silencing our voices

Numbing our pain.

I have experienced this too...

This loss of my Self.

I allowed the world to shape me,

Mold me,

Twist and mend me

Until I no longer knew who I was

Or what I felt.

Until I no longer had a voice

And my soul became a faint whisper.

With each step I take on my healing journey, I see more clearly the truth of this world. I see the lies, the deception, the shadows and the hidden aspects of my soul. I see the lineage of destruction and trauma that has continued through my family, and so many others. I see it seeping into our lives, a subtle poison hidden deep in the subconscious.

This poison, these patterns of abuse, addictions, lies and secrets can only exist in the shadows. It feeds on shame and deception. It feeds on the darkness of our shadows. It cannot survive in the light. It starves in truth, in love, in awareness. It loses its power the moment we see it for what it is.

If you are being called to face the darkness of your past, to speak the truth and no longer carry the lies of your family... if you are beginning to see how powerful you are, as the outcast, the black sheep, the truth speaker, then you are here to end this lineage for your family. You are here to stop the cycles of dysfunction, abuse, addiction, lies and shame. You are here to escape the matrix of your lineage! It all begins with YOU!

Are you ready to embrace the black sheep within, to step onto the path of healing for yourself, for your family, for humanity? This is it... your Soul is calling you forward.

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