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Creating an Abundant Life

As winter settles upon us, we are moved to go inwards, to spend time indoors surrounded by loved ones, good books and warm teas.

These quiet, peaceful days make room for inner reflection, a space to learn about ourselves.

I invite you to take this time to ask yourself some important questions, to ponder awhile on who you are now… and who you want to be…

Are you living the life you were meant to live?

Are you living up to your potential and sharing your brilliance with the world?

Or… are you hiding in a job that you hate?

Limiting yourself to the safe confines of society norms, rules and expectations?

What would you do with your life if there were no rules?

Where would you travel if you had the money to go anywhere in the world?

Would your life be different if you were free to choose?

What is stopping you?

What is keeping your Light from shining?

Is it fear?

Is it money?

Is it your parents? Your partner? Your children? Your boss? Or, is it you?

I am surrounded by passionate, inspiring women.

My friends, my colleagues, the circles of women I connect with are dedicated to living their purpose, to empowering others, to changing the world.

They are amazing! They are powerful! They are women with a vision!

But for many of them, there is a huge gap between their work and financial prosperity.

They feel called to do something, feel passionate and purposeful about the work they are doing and trust that the financial support will be there for them. Their undying faith in their dharma is what keeps them going, despite financial stress and uncertainty.

What is it that constitutes this large gap between living a purposeful, passionate life and being financially abundant? Where is the blockage that some seem to carry, while others flourish and grow their businesses with ease?

I have spent a great deal of time sitting with this question. And I don’t have a definitive answer - but I believe it has to do with our sense of worth.

Consciously, we may say to ourselves, I am worthy, I deserve to be rich, prosperous and successful. Yet, at some level, many of us believe we don’t deserve it. We aren’t good enough. We aren’t smart enough.

Perhaps we believe that being successful in business means we won’t be good mothers, that we’ll have to abandon our families or that our husbands will feel threatened by our success. Maybe along the way, we convinced ourselves that we need to be rescued by the prince, so we must play small in order to be attractive and loved.

Whatever the reason for the gap, it is there for so many of us. So, how do we create a bridge between our passions and prosperity?

I believe we begin within… in our minds.

We have the power to change our self-defeating subconscious thoughts.

By bringing these false beliefs to the surface, we are then able to retrain our minds to think new, empowering thoughts and thus create new experiences in our lives.

The following exercise may help you to become clear on where it is you would like to be in your life.

Take a moment to sit and contemplate the following question:

“If no one told me who I was, who would I be?”

Quietly meditate on this by spending some time in the spaciousness of not knowing.

Imagine that there is no subconscious mind or space for excuses or disbelief… only an open and inviting space for you to create your self, your life.

In that space, who are you?

How do you feel?

Visualize your self… without limitations… who are you?

Through visualizations, we can manifest amazing experiences and creations in our lives. The key is to feel… to tap into the emotion of the visual imprint that we are seeing.

If you can see yourself pursuing your life’s dream, you are halfway there.

Connect all of your senses to the experience.

What do you smell, taste, hear, feel?

Do you feel energized, powerful, exhilarated, purposeful, free?

Hold onto those emotions and mentally connect them to the life you want to create for yourself.

This emotional visualization is an incredibly powerful technique that you can use to manifest anything your heart desires!

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