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Hi! I'm Michele.

My passion is to guide people through personal transformation.


To transform pain into power, wounds into wisdom, and trauma into transcendence!    


My mission is to activate your soul, to help you to awaken the parts of yourself that have been in hiding, waiting to be remembered. ​

As partners in transformation, we will explore the many facets of your being… diving into the realms of the subconscious, we will seek to uncover the limiting beliefs, behaviours, energies and karmic loops that may be keeping you stuck, while also bringing forth the inner wisdom, beauty and strength that make up the very essence of who you are.

There is something greater inside of you! Everything you need to succeed and to thrive is within you, but you must know how to look for it!

Now is the time!

Now is the time to begin your guided journey of personal transformation
and step into your greatest potential.
Become the person that you are meant to be! 

WaysWe Can Work Together

Mental Wellness Counselling

Using a holistic, trauma-informed, mindfulness-based approach, I will guide you through a process of deepening your self-awareness, internal strengths, and resiliency while releasing fear, trauma and insecurities!

Inner Child Clearings

 Through a process of exploration and energy clearing, we are able to clear and remove any energetic blocks or interferences that have been with you since the time of conception, thus freeing you from past trauma, patterns and programs that are keeping you stuck!

MSA-Realm of Dreams-6.jpeg

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

 By clearing away past life energies and reconnecting to your Source energy, to Spirit, to your Higher Self, you will gain access to limitless wisdom, knowledge, energy, power, healing…remembering that anything and everything is possible! 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

Experience a profound, life-changing journey into the multidimensional realms of your subconscious where you will discover a deeper understanding and connection to your life purpose and your true self! 

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